9″ Koi Fish Hajiro Live Koi Fish Pond Garden Hand Feeding Fish

Welcome to Mia Koi Farm!!!

We take great pride in producing healthy, high-quality koi for koi hobbyists and specialists alike. All of our koi are bred using the best parent koi, and each koi is raised and cared for with the highest standards. We always do the our best for your happiness.


To be sure the koi travel in the best condition, we stop the koi’s feeding 3-5 days prior to shipping. This helps clear out their digestive track prior to making their trip. This clearing of their systems cuts down on their solid waste and the ammonia extracted from the gills during transit.

Orders will be shipped 3 days after purchase.

We understand that the koi that has been selected is the koi the customer wants to receive. We make every effort to ensure the koi arrives in the best possible condition.

Any questions fell free to ask.

Thank you 🙂

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